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Accenture joins global SAP AppHaus Network following Bourne Digital acquisition
Mon, 13th Nov 2023

Following the June acquisition of Bourne Digital, a prominent Australian digital design agency, Accenture's SAP Business Group in Australia has officially become part of the global SAP AppHaus Network. 

In conjunction with this partnership, Accenture has opened a new collaborative locale in its Melbourne office, expressly dedicated to SAP design and architectural thinking.

With its new membership in the SAP AppHaus Network, Accenture will help upgrade user experiences and foster the adoption of SAP processes and functions among customers, suppliers, and employees.

Interestingly, the first partner to establish an SAP AppHaus in Australia was Bourne Digital, the firm Accenture acquired earlier this year. Accenture has now taken over this role of fostering SAP-driven innovation and design. A special launch event for clients and SAP representatives will be held by Accenture at its Collins Street office in Melbourne.

Stacy Pence, Enterprise and Technologies lead for Accenture Australia and New Zealand, discussed Accenture's new collaboration, emphasising their role in assisting clients with business transformation using SAP technology and accelerating their move to the cloud. By becoming part of the SAP AppHaus network, Accenture gains access to the latest design-thinking methodologies and tools in the Melbourne design space. This enables them to help clients unlock value from their SAP investments more swiftly and efficiently.

Stacy Pence said, "At Accenture, we help clients transform their businesses with SAP technology and move to the cloud more quickly."

"By joining the SAP AppHaus network, Accenture can now leverage the very latest design-thinking, methodology and tools in the Melbourne design space to help our clients unlock value from their SAP investments more rapidly."

Selim Ahmed, CEO of Bourne Digital, now under Accenture, expressed the significance of the strategic union with SAP AppHaus. Ahmed emphasised the value of designing a technology strategy around end-user needs and behaviour. SAP AppHaus, with its shared global innovation toolkit, human-centred approach, and dedicated teams of creative and technical experts, assists clients in transforming data into value.

Ahmed highlighted that this approach enables the implementation of SAP solutions informed by customer insights, ultimately improving adoption and user experience and leading to better outcomes for clients.

Selim Ahmed said, "Today's technology leaders understand the value of designing their technology strategy around end-user needs and behaviour."

"SAP AppHaus combines a shared global innovation toolkit, a human-centred approach, dedicated creative teams and technical experts to help clients transform data into value."

"Simply put, it helps us implement SAP solutions that are informed by customer insights, which improves their adoption and user experience, resulting in a better outcome for our clients," says Ahmed. 

Accenture's latest endeavour with the SAP AppHaus network is integral to keeping clients at the forefront of digital innovation and enhancing its design proficiency across the board. The directive continues Accenture's mission to glean the most value from their clients' SAP investments and ultimately push the boundaries of what's possible in the realm of technology.