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Make virtualisation invisible with Nutanix’s hypervisor

IT managers are used to the idea that virtualisation is a necessary cost they can’t avoid – but this no longer has to be the case.

Virtualisation has proven its ability to improve the design, operation, and efficiency of data centres.

Too many organisations are discovering (painfully) that they are paying for tools and software their teams do not use, or for which they are receiving minimal benefit.

Public cloud services have demonstrated that it is indeed possible to make virtualisation an invisible resource, bundled into the IT stack.

These alternatives are able to eliminate separate virtualisation software, independent management consoles, and expensive hypervisor license renewals.

Nutanix virtualisation offers an attractive alternative when streamlining data centre operations and driving costs out of the data centre.

It’s a built-in, license-free hypervisor delivering virtualisation capabilities needed by the most demanding applications.

Virtualisation eliminates the need for many common tasks or reduces them to intelligent, one-click operations.

Hypervisor resiliency features, including high availability and dynamic scheduling, are included at no additional charge, and security is integral to every aspect of the system from the ground up.

It gives your organisation a competitive advantage by

  • Providing flexibility and choice, avoiding ecosystem and vendor lock-in to any specific cloud solution
  • Reducing up to 80% of the cost compared traditional virtualisation technologies like VMware.
  • End-to-end integration allowing one-click upgrades that eliminate a major pain point in data centre management.

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