ChannelLife Australia - Is DRaaS the answer for resellers wanting to enter the cloud services market?


Is DRaaS the answer for resellers wanting to enter the cloud services market?

Consumption based-payment models are becoming increasingly popular as they give companies increased agility, mobility, and efficiency.

Sixty percent of current IT market growth is driven by the cloud, while 50% of IT outsourcing deals are driven by cloud adoption.

For channel partners, it’s clear this is where the opportunity lies in the future of their business but can face challenges penetrating the market when they have traditionally offered on-premise solutions.

However, as more companies are starting to embrace the software-as-a-service model, the only way forward is cloud.

For a channel partner, changing the business model is no small proposition, but the advantages are clear.

SaaS subscription and IaaS consumption sales can offer a chance to grow profits from new streams of IT services while generating a more reliable, predictable form of income.

By bundling your services as a reseller with cloud productivity and platform solutions, you can transform your reputation among end users to become more of a solver of business problems than a provider of IT ‘things’, deepening loyalty.

Mission-critical solutions like disaster recovery represent a strong entry point for channel partners dipping their toes into offering cloud solutions.

Digital businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the cost of downtime, and are learning that they need to have solutions in place to mitigate that risk.

Microsoft’s Azure Site Recovery, offered by Tech Data, gives them a reliable disaster recovery solution without committing a large investment into the data centre space.

Offering Azure Site Recovery lets resellers

  • Improve customer lock-in while reducing churn
  • Take advantage of a less risky path into cloud reselling
  • Start develop a business’s consultancy capabilities

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