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Samsung announces new TVs and sound systems

15 Apr 2015

Samsung Electronics Australia has today announced the local pricing and availability for its 2015 home entertainment range of products, including the highly anticipated Samsung SUHD TV and new home audio equipment.

Samsung has worked closely with local and international content providers to ensure consumers will be able access a wide array of movies and TV shows due for release in 2015.  Streaming TV services Netflix, Presto and Stan are all supported out of the box through apps based on Samsung's Tizen operating systems. Some of the first purchasers of 2015 Samsung TVs will have access to Netflix for six months for free.

The new televisions are available in-store, Samsung will offer three new series of SUHD TVs – JS9500, JS9000 and JS8500 – in seven screen sizes between the models, from 55-inches to 88-inches. Prices start at $4,999 for the Series 8 JS8000 55-inch SUHD TV and peak at $24,999 for the Series 9 JS9500 88-inch SUHD TV.

Resellers will find some solid on-selling opportunities with new curved soundbars that match the new displays. The flagship Series 8 8501 Curved Soundbar offers 9.1 channel speakers thanks to a central speaker and additional side speakers situated at both ends. The soundbars come in three SKUs priced between $999 and $1699.

A new range of audio speakers, the WAM7500/6500 have also been released that offer an omnidirectional sound experienc through the utilisation of ‘Ring Radiator’ technology which directs sound flow from the speakers on a 360-degree plane.

These will made available in Australia later in 2015.

Samsung has also announced the launch of the new Multiroom 2.0 application that features a revamped design and user interface that makes sharing music throughout the home even easier. The upgraded Multiroom 2.0 app is available now available on all compatible tablets and smartphones.

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