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A quick overview of Microsoft Dynamics in 2019

10 Jul 2019

Microsoft’s business applications group includes both its Dynamics as well as its Power Platform products.

Within the Power Platform, Microsoft includes its Power BI (business intelligence) and Power Apps. The former is a data visualisation tool while the latter is a modern low code or no-code app creator.

The Dynamics business has combined the vendors ERP & CRM solutions into a unified platform called Dynamics 365. This can be deployed in either cloud or on-premise strategies.

The combining of these two traditionally siloed systems (ERP & CRM) has created opportunities for a bunch of data to be better utilised.

Within Dynamics, they have modules for Service, Sales, Marketing, Talent, Finance, Operations and Commerce. These modules can be stand-alone apps although Microsoft sees them as much better together.

With Microsoft’s 2016 acquisition, Linkedin has been deeply integrated across the whole of the Dynamics solution.

In addition, mixed reality and artificial intelligence are being infused across Dynamics.

Four mixed reality tools are currently available out of the box, which can help organisations visually demonstrate, train, visualise and collect important information. The tools include Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, Layout, Product Visualize and Guides.

All of these work with Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 mixed reality headsets.

An example of guides in use is below:

Along with the ERP & CRM apps coming together, the data is too. Microsoft is storing customer data from Dynamics, Office 365 and Linkedin data with a unified approach. This enables opportunities for artificial intelligence reasoning, insights and recommended actions.

Within this Microsoft offers six Dynamics artificial intelligence offerings Customer Service Insights, Market Insights, Sales Insights, Customer Insights, Virtual Agent for Customer Service and Fraud Protection.

An example of artificial intelligence in use is below:

The Dynamics business has been enhanced by the Open Data Initiative that Microsoft announced with Adobe & SAP in September 2018.

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